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How Winnipeg Weather Affects Your Printer Paper: Tips for Business Own Skip to main content


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How Winnipeg Weather Affects Your Printer Paper: Tips for Business Owners

Published By: Eric Johannson | Wed Jun 12, 2024

Winnipeg business owners are aware of how temperamental our weather patterns can be. However, what most may not realize is how these weather fluctuations can affect printer paper.

Humidity and Printer Paper

High humidity can significantly impact your paper supply. When paper absorbs moisture, the width of each fibre expands, leading to paper bloat and curled edges in your prints. This issue is particularly noticeable during our humid summers or if you have humidifiers running high to combat dry winter air.

Conversely, low humidity can also cause problems, especially on cold days. Low humidity results in tight edges, sheet wrinkling, and static electricity issues. These conditions can lead to poor paper handling, resulting in jams and print defects. Printers and copiers function optimally when they can adjust to the type of paper loaded. If humidity alters the paper's weight (for instance, making 40 lb paper behave like 50 lb), it often leads to paper jams.

A woman looking through a stack of copier paper on top of a printer


Temperature and Printer Paper

Temperature also affects paper quality, particularly for large rolls. For instance, if paper stored in a cold area is then brought into a hot room, condensation can form on the paper, much like a cold drink "sweating" on a hot day. While office paper is generally less affected, temperature changes should still be considered to ensure consistent print quality.


Preventing Environmental Problems

To avoid issues caused by humidity and temperature, follow these tips:

  • Store paper in a temperature and humidity-controlled area.
  • Opt for good-quality paper with tighter fibres, as it is less affected by fluctuating weather conditions.

A person gathering paper from temperature and humidity-controlled paper storage


How Carlyle Can Help

Carlyle, Powered by WBM Technologies is a leading Managed Print Services (MPS) provider dedicated to helping businesses optimize their print environments. By analyzing your printed document processes, we can help you understand the true cost of your document production across your entire enterprise. Our goal is to help you take control of your print fleet, ensuring it works more effectively for your business and bottom line.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your current print environment
  • Customized solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure optimal performance


Feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more about Managed Print Services in the Winnipeg area! Carlyle Powered by WBM Technologies is here to help you manage and optimize your printing needs, ensuring you are well-prepared for Winnipeg’s variable weather conditions.

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