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Business Solutions

We offer a wide range of advanced office technologies.


Carlyle Solutions

With technology growing rapidly there are cutting edge ways to do things in every department of your office. Wonder if there is a solution that could fit your business?

We offer a wide range of advanced office technologies and have the most complete business solution offerings.

Information Management System

User Tracking, Reporting & Analytics

To help you better understand your print fleet, including users, pages printed and device usage, we have programs that will track and report all print activity.

User Activity Tracking

  • Track end users print volumes
  • Ability to view types of print jobs (ie: Black and White or Color)
  • Easily export data
  • Users can be grouped to track printing on departmental or office level

Tracking device activity will allow you to more effectively use your printer fleet. Knowing how often and which users are using a device can assist in making decisions with regards to printer fleet size and device type maximizing efficiency.

Device Activity Tracking

  • View activity for each device in your fleet
  • Device usage – overutilized devices versus underutilized devices
  • Print records for each device and charts

There are a variety of reports available to help you find and review the information you require to better understand your print fleet. The reports show data in real-time and can be run from anywhere on your network. Ad-hoc and custom reports are available to generate the data you require.

Print Policy Management

There are ways to best manage your print fleet. Following the steps below will assist in your print management:

  • Option to use popups to remind user to print duplex
  • Have large print jobs sent to printers capable of high page volumes
  • Reduce the number of emails printed by users
  • Do not encourage the printing of web pages in color

Alerts help with print management. Notifications will keep administrators in the know providing alerts for printer errors, low toner levels and other issues that may occur.

To control what is being printed there is the ability to restrict print jobs that have certain criteria. There is also the option to automatically convert print jobs to duplex or black and white instead of color - reducing costs.

Document & Device Security

Did you know there is print software that will find the printer located closest to you without you having to do the work of locating it?

When you send your print job to the virtual printer it enters a virtual queue. The user then finds the printer that is most conveniently located and releases their print job. The ability to release your print job when you get to the device allows for a more secure print environment.

Card readers also maintain a secure print fleet. Card readers connect to the network and are compatible with any printer. The user will send their print job to the virtual queue, the user then goes to the printer and has their identity authorized via the card reader. Once authorized their print job is released.

Forms Processing Software

Kofax Power PDF is a desktop software that allows users to simply create, convert and edit PDF documents giving users more control over their documents. The software is capable of creating fillable forms and searchable PDF files. This time saving software increases productivity and allows for easier transfer of information between users.

Kofax Power PDF is able to meet varying user needs.

Power PDF Standard for Mac – intended for small businesses and mobile users who are looking to use the software in their daily tasks.

Power PDF Advanced for PC – software has various uses all assisting users in managing their PDF workflows while increasing efficiency.


Managed Capture Solutions

Managed Capture uses technology to pull information from an original document and converts it into quality, actionable data.

Integrated Scanning Workflow: Capture · Process · Distribute.

Diagram of managed capture step 1: capture

Diagram of managed capture step 2: process

Diagram of managed capture step 3: distribute

Incorporating uniFLOW Capture into your document management procedures provides greater control of documents and increases the efficiency of your employees. The intuitive user interface and the secure personalized ‘Pull’ scanning workflows provide immediate gains in productivity.

With it’s device based licensing scheme the uniFLOW Capture infrastructure can be easily expanded in line with the organization’s business requirements at any time - minimizing investment risk and transforming multifunctional devices into an essential office tool.


Mobile Printing Solutions

The ability to print from any mobile device available simplifies the printing process. There is no need to worry about the operating system or the print server. Mobile printing permits the user to print from wherever they are – home, school or office.

Minimal steps are required to get started and once up and running there is little involvement required by IT to maintain it.

Easy set up gives users the ability to locate printers and submit their print jobs with no need to access drivers or connect to domains. The user can choose the network device they would like to print from enhancing accessibility.

Grey laptop icon

Blue smart phone icon

Black tablet icon

Mobile Printing was created to work for all printer fleet sizes – small businesses to intricate networks with hundreds of users and devices. Designed to make users more efficient and give them freedom – as long as they have access to a wireless network – to print from a laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Fax and Cloud Solutions

We offer a wide portfolio of powerful software applications from industry leading partners that integrate with our hardware and services to formulate a comprehensive suite of solutions.


Document Management

Webinar Replay: Digitally Transform Your Business

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Anytime, anywhere access to critical business documents.

As an Authorized Square 9 Reseller, Carlyle can deliver the unique tools that streamline process performance to save businesses time and money in areas like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, Contracts Management and more.

Document Capture Automation

Capture, classify and validate high volume documents into usable data.

  • Automatically Extract Valuable Data without Keying
  • Convert Documents into Text-Searchable PDFs
  • Easily Search for Documents on Extracted Values
  • Save Time Digitally Sharing Document with Coworkers
  • Securely Store Captured Documents
  • Shred Physical Files to Eliminate Storage Costs
  • Start the Automation Process from Your Office Equipment

Enterprise Content Management

Capture, retrieve, and distribute business information with GlobalSearch software.

  • Immediate Access to Information
  • Powerful Document Search and Retrieval
  • Effective Team Collaboration
  • Reduced Storage Requirements
  • Enforced Regulatory Compliance
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Business Process Management

Map document activities for end-to-end process visibility.

  • Easily Design Document Activities Through the Browser
  • Create a Digital Flow of Information
  • Secure Workflow Access to Specific Users
  • Enforce Business Rules
  • Keep Your Entire Team Informed
  • Maintain Critical Document Insight
  • Easily Share Business Intelligence

Web Forms Management

Capture critical information with intuitive forms that eliminate manual processes.

  • Easily Create and Format Web Forms
  • Automatically Capture High Value Data
  • Repopulate Data onto Other Forms
  • Automate the Sharing and Distribution of Information
  • Define Custom Workflows Upon Form Submission
  • Create Email Notifications for Document Approval and Follow Up
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