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Printer & Copier Leasing

Flexible Financing Options Available

Your needs have changed. Is it time to re-evaluate your lease?

If your equipment is out of date, copier functionality is under-performing, simply not meeting your needs, or costs are too high, it’s time to re-evaluate your lease. You could reduce your costs by over 20% with the right equipment. We have been serving businesses in Winnipeg over the last several years and know the office environment has changed. It is time for a fresh perspective!

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What a New Lease Agreement with the Right Printer or Copier Can Do For You

Cut costs with equipment based on your needs

Don’t get oversold on equipment. Instead, get expert advice on devices that will best suit your business’s needs.

Stay up-to-date with new features and security benefits

Increase productivity, and protect your business from potential cyber threats with quality technology that will keep your business running smoothly.

Worry-free maintenance and repairs

Avoid breakdowns and office disruptions with scheduled maintenance and access to on-service repair experts for one flat rate included in all lease agreements.

Want to learn more about the best printing devices to lease? Check out our list of Top Devices for Leasing here.

Need Help Getting Out of Your Existing Lease?

No problem. We can help with that, too. Download our guide on How to Get Out of Your Current Copier Lease.


Here are some questions you need to consider if you're thinking about getting a new lease.

  1. Do you still need the same speed based on your current print volume?
  2. Can you save thousands by moving to an A4 vs A3 device?
  3. Can you control your colour prints to even further drive down costs?
  4. Does your team currently use the finishing (staple/hole punch) that you currently have?

Looking for something more short-term? Learn more about our Short Term Leases here.

Interested in learning more? No problem. Here’s why customers choose to lease their printers from Carlyle.

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100% Financing Options
(so you can reinvest in your business!)

Since a lease often does not require a down payment, it is equivalent to 100% financing. Your business can conserve the capital that would have been used for a down payment and reinvest it in the business.

Service Contract Included

Labour, parts, and toner are included for one flat rate. This means you get FREE service whenever your copier needs repair, maintenance, or toner.

Immediate Write-Off of the Dollars Spent

With leasing, payments are treated as expenses on the income statement, so the technology solution does not have to be depreciated over an extended term.

Keep the Copier At the End of the Lease

You can pay a fair market value or $1 buyout option depending on the term of the lease.

Flexible Lease Term Options

The usual lease term is from 1-5 years, but we will work with you and ensure we find a term length that works for your business.

Carlyle is Committed to Your Success

Carlyle is the preferred provider for leasing opportunities. We have a high level of customer solutions and offer unshakable support to our customers. Not to mention, our years of experience in the industry.

The way we see it, your
success is our success. So,
let’s succeed together.

Shockingly Good Service

Our commitment to quality service is something that we do not take lightly. It is ingrained in everything we do and has really benefited our customers. We've undertaken a number of unique measures that have made our service delivery the best in the industry.

Want more reasons to partner with us? You can find that here!

We’re Local!

We are a locally owned, Winnipeg-based company servicing customers across North America. All core functions of our business are in Winnipeg, in one office, and available to you at one phone number. Proximity to our core units promotes collaboration across teams to quickly resolve any issues. The collaboration promotes creative, customized solutions for our customers.

We invite you to have a free, no-obligation conversation with one of our experts. Let us help you find the solution that you deserve!

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