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Tips for a Successful, Flexible Work Model This Fall

Published By: Eric Johannson | Fri Sep 18, 2020

A recent PwC survey revealed that executives anticipate 77% of employees will work remotely at least one day a week and 55% will continue to do so when COVID-19 is no longer a concern (“US Remote Work Survey,” 2020). That’s over three-quarters of all employees right now and over half...

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Top 3 Things to Consider BEFORE Purchasing a Used Copier

Published By: Eric Johannson | Wed Sep 09, 2020

Budgets are tight right now and there are several ways you can reduce expenses, including purchasing used equipment, but is that the right choice for your office? Sure, the upfront costs are lower but what about everything else?  From service coverage and cost of ownership to device history and performance,...

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3 Ways a Subscription-Based Service Can Benefit Your Business

Published By: Eric Johannson | Mon Aug 31, 2020

Is your team staying home this fall? Or are you thinking about adopting more of a “flex-based” work environment where part of your team will be in-office and part at home? Regardless of how you will be moving forward in the coming months, this is undoubtedly going to be a...

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Is an A3 or A4 Device Better for Your Office?

Published By: Eric Johannson | Mon Jul 27, 2020

What does A3/A4 really mean? On the most basic level, it’s a reference to the maximum paper size a printer can accept, but it’s the finer details that ultimately determine which is the best choice. The physical size of the machine, its output and finishing capabilities, and the cost of...

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5 Reasons Not to Shop Print Supplies from Big-Box Retailers

Published By: Eric Johannson | Fri Jul 17, 2020

Raise your hand if you’ve ever ignored a low ink warning. Guilty? We thought so. Most of us will wait until every second line is illegible and then, and only then, will we order new supplies. We end up rush or bulk ordering from big-box retailers and in many cases, pay...

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