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Our Core Values

Each member of the Carlyle team strives to make a difference in the lives of their work mates and customers each day.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To Simplify Office Printing - Carlyle helps keep offices productive so organizations can focus on what matters most... their customers.

Our Mission

To shed light on the total cost of operating a printer fleet, and bring significant savings in time and money to our customers.

Our Core Values

Create Happy Customers

Customers are at the heart of everything that we do as we focus on making decisions that will create raving fans one customer at a time. We systematize the predictable so we can personalize the exceptional and deliver a great customer experience with every Carlyle contact.

Make a Difference Today

Each member of the Carlyle team strives to make a difference in the lives of their work mates and customers each day. That takes a positive attitude, and initiative to find the way to make that difference. Sometimes it is small like a compliment or smile, other times it is a new way to do things to improve efficiency and the customer experience. But everyday they come to work with the goal to hunt, find and execute making a difference in the lives of our customers and team mates.

Own It

There is always a reasonable explanation of why things didn't work out the way it was planned. In many places people would accept that they did their best and will try harder next time. Not at Carlyle. We are accountable and responsible to meet and exceed our customer's expectations. Until that is achieved it is on us. Each member of the team takes ownership to do what it takes to make the situation right. That takes determination, and persistence to get the job done right, and right is when all the people involved are satisfied.

Think Team

We place a high value on teamwork, working hard to hire the right attitudes and cultivating Carlyle behaviors. Our organization operates like a well oiled machine and when that machine is in need of maintenance our team members are always willing to jump in and do what is needed to keep things running smoothly. We drive change through positive experiences and take the initiative to be the first to offer a helping hand.

Happy Team

A happy team is an engaged team. An Engaged team delivers a better customer experience and creates a great place to work. We want our team to love what they do and come into Carlyle excited to tackle the opportunities and challenges we face on a day to day basis. We want Happy employees through helping them develop their skills, help them realize their goals, and giving them the opportunity to share feedback and new ideas in a safe environment.

While we manage printer fleets nationally, our success and growth has been predicated on serving the needs of our customers in Winnipeg and Manitoba at large.

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