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Managed Print Solutions (MPS)

Published By: Eric Johannson | Thu Mar 05, 2020

The ultimate goal of our MPS is to provide complete visibility and control of your printing, which can save you money by boosting productivity, it can also improve your environmental sustainability and heighten your document security.

Carlyle is a specialist in managing and optimizing print fleets.

What is your cost per page?

Many companies will quickly answer that question with the cost per page they are paying for their copier. That is just a fraction of the equation.

Each printed page actually includes all the following costs:

  1. Hardware acquisition cost,
  2. Toner and other consumable costs,
  3. Service labor cost,
  4. Parts cost,
  5. Cost of team members/users.

Repeatedly, our customers are amazed by just how much time their teams are spending on managing their printer fleet and the lack of understanding of just how much money is spent on every printed page.

Our first step is to install a DCA (Data Collection Agent) on your print server.  This software collects performance information on the printers and copiers within your network.  The data collected includes number of pages printed in black & white, number of pages in color, page coverage and service alerts.  With this information, we are able to accurately calculate what your total cost to print a page is.

IT professionals don’t usually say they love to spend their time-solving printer issues – it is not a productive or cost-effective use of their skill sets, and can lead to reduced job satisfaction. A Carlyle MPS will help manage this area, freeing up your IT professionals to work on higher-value activities.

With the detailed reports our Managed Print Solutions provide, your IT professionals will be armed to make informed decisions without a significant investment of their time gathering this data and managing your fleet.

Once our MPS has determined your actual cost per page, we can make recommendations on how best to reduce your total print expense through fleet consolidation/re-purposing, replacing aging or costly to operate equipment, the introduction of document/printing management software and redirecting/organizing existing print jobs to the most cost-effective point of production.  We will also ensure that as your business changes, your fleet will change with it. Through our Managed Print Solutions we ensure the right device, with the right cost is being utilized to maximize its efficiency.

Businessman in suit pointing finger at menu including document management, service, and cloud storage

Carlyle’s MPS will manage your supply replenishments. Your team won’t need to take time out of their already busy day to generate a PO or place a supply order.  Through the DCA, we can ship toners on an as needed, just in time basis for your networked devices. We can eliminate the need for “spare” supplies sitting on your supply closet shelf which can improve your company’s cash flow.

We also monitor the service alerts on your devices and proactively plan with you preventative maintenance visits.  This allows the flexibility to schedule device downtime when it is most convenient and cost-effective for your business and helps ensure your device operates at top efficiency during your peak print periods.

Every customer has unique needs and conditions. Our trained professionals will be able to customize a solution that works for your company today and has the flexibility to change as you do. To start the conversation, click here and request a print assessment




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