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Top 3 Things to Consider BEFORE Purchasing a Used Copier

Published By: Eric Johannson | Wed Sep 09, 2020

Budgets are tight right now and there are several ways you can reduce expenses, including purchasing used equipment, but is that the right choice for your office? Sure, the upfront costs are lower but what about everything else? 

From service coverage and cost of ownership to device history and performance, we’ll walk you through everything you need to consider before buying a used copier.

1. Your Service/Maintenance Agreement 

One of the most beneficial parts of purchasing a used copier from Carlyle is that unlike a used car, our units come with an end-to-end service agreement, which includes all of your service, parts, and labour. No matter how expensive the part is, it is covered (100%!) under our Carlyle Maintenance Agreement.

Without this level of coverage, some parts can cost you more than the device itself! So, it’s important to purchase used equipment from a provider with a broad range service and maintenance agreement. This is less important for used desktop printers, which are less expensive to purchase.

2. Total Cost of Ownership

Man holding up printed documents to show colleague resultsThere are two main cost considerations when it comes to copiers: up-front purchase or lease and ongoing service and maintenance. Used units will have a slightly higher operational cost compared to new units due to their age, but the purchase/lease cost will be significantly lower than a new device. Factoring in these costs will help ensure you get the lowest cost of ownership.

If a used copier has a $0.02 higher colour cost per page and you print 500 colour pages per month, your increased operating cost is only $10/mo, which should be more than offset by the cost savings of a used unit. If you print 10,000 colour pages per month, the numbers could end up quite differently.

3. Device History & Performance

Some used copiers have a low total print count and a low service history, while others may have been heavily used by the previous owner. Knowing the history of the device is the best indicator of its reliability and future performance.

At Carlyle, we only sell used equipment that we know the history of and that has been serviced by a Carlyle technician. We therefore only sell equipment that has low mileage and a solid track record. This results in lower downtime and service interventions on all used equipment we sell.

Purchasing used equipment can be a viable way to reduce your office expenses, but it isn’t as simple as selecting an older model from any equipment provider. You need to source something that is fully covered, has a low operating cost, and is reliable.

With over 25 used models to choose from, we can help you find the right fit for your office.


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