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How Businesses Can Use Card and Label Printers in the Office

Published By: Eric Johannson | Tue Dec 12, 2023

Label printers and card printers are useful tools for businesses in all industries, which offer convenient ways for teams to print a wider range of items. When we think of printing, we often think about data charts, paper files, and even brochures. All of these are necessary tools for a business to operate effectively, but so too are labels and cards. They offer teams more flexibility to print whatever they need to meet both client and internal demands.

So, what are the practical applications of label and card printers? Here are ways your business can make use of these devices!

Label Printers Help Print Order and Shipping Labels

For teams that receive a lot of orders, having your own label printer in-office can help to streamline processes and expedite your shipping. Instead of having to outsource your packaging, you can now create your own labels as needed. This will save your team time, as you won’t be caught in a queue behind others, while also reducing the possibility for errors.Shipping labels from a label printer for businesses

When it comes to shipping internationally, having your own label printer is essential, as it will ensure you are able to meet shipping compliances with ease. Each carrier and country will have their own regulations for labelling packages. When outsourcing your labelling process, your team runs the risk of miscommunications leading to labelling errors, which can cause delays or even rejections later. Printing in-house will decrease the chance of such mistakes, and ensure your clients are getting their shipments on time.

Label printers for shipping are especially useful for these teams:

  • Government organizations
  • Medical professionals
  • Retail companies
  • Distribution and manufacturing teams

Label Printers Improve Marketing Efforts

Canon LX Series 4 Label PrinterFrom social media to conventions, there are now vast opportunities to promote your business. But one thing that stands out in the marketing world is branded labels and stickers. Getting your company logo, website name, and social media information out there is important for connecting with new and existing customers. It can encourage familiarity and brand loyalty to your business.

Make sure that when choosing a label printer for marketing that you select one that will print in vivid colours. The Canon LX series 4” inkjet label printer is a great device for supporting marketing and brand awareness labels. Its compact sizing makes it easy to print from anywhere, while its rich colours are sure to draw the attention of your target audience.

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Card Printers Can Ensure Better Office Security

Security is a top priority for every team, but especially for those working with sensitive or classified data. Teams in both the government and medical fields deal with personal client information. Security badges can make it easy to quickly identify employees on a tertiary glance, improving the visibility of team members for your security staff.

Having ID cards can also help create more secure movement through your office’s building. There may be some sections of your building that are restricted to specific team members. Cards make sure that unauthorized people aren’t able to access extremely private information.

To speed up the process of granting access to team members, your office should consider investing in a card printer. It will allow you to quickly equip new-hires or newly promoted/cleared members of your team to get set up with their ID cards. By doing so, you’ll lower the risk level of having someone moving throughout the building who doesn’t yet have their card. It will also mean that you won’t be risking outside security breaches, as all cards will be printed in-office by authorized personnel.

Card printers for security are especially useful for these teams:

  • Government organizations
  • Medical professionals
  • Hotel and hospitality workers

Card Printers Create a Professional Environment

Canon Series CX Card PrintersLooking to create a more cohesive look for your team? Card printers can help you with that! Canon’s new CX series inkjet card and badge printers, for example, are able to create anything from:

  • Employee ID and visitor badges
  • Business cards
  • Student ID and membership cards
  • Loyalty program and gift cards
  • Hotel room keys
  • Envelopes and postcards

Canon LX Series Card PrintersAll of them can be created with your organization’s specific branding in mind. This will help create a more cohesive look for all of your products and team badges. Looking to keep things professional and have both sides of the card match? The Canon IX series thermal card printer can print double-sided for your cards, improving the overall professionalism of your office’s badges. With a card printer in-house, your team can create badges and promotional business cards that are easily customizable and recognizable.

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Card and Label Printers for Every Business

If you’re looking for a card or label printer for your office, your team should consider Canon! Their latest series of user-friendly printers offer top-quality products. Each device can print products quickly and in vivid detail. For their card printers, there are colour options available for double-sided printing and full-bleed prints. For their label printers, you can easily integrate your new device with your existing software for ease of use.

Looking to set your business up for printing success today? The Carlyle team is here to help. Our print experts can work closely with your team leaders to find you the best device for your needs. Contact us to learn more.

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