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Server Free Print Environment with Business Analytics

Published By: Eric Johannson | Thu Jun 17, 2021

Companies everywhere are working to reduce their IT infrastructure and leverage the cloud to streamline and simplify their office environment. HP’s new JetAdvantage Secure Print leverages the cloud to allow you to print from anywhere and pick up your prints on any Secure Print enabled device (not just HP devices)—all without requiring a server.

On top of that, the software allows access to user and device analytics, helping companies manage their costs and increase efficiency within the entire organization. If you had access to these types of insights, you could leverage the data to optimize your print environment and in turn, your team’s productivity.

The HP JetAdvantage Secure Print solution increases the security and the control that you have over your print environment. You’ll also have the opportunity to eliminate onsite servers, storage, and software and accurately track and analyze printing behaviours with a print analytics module. 

How It Works: 

Diagram showcasing how HP JetAdvantage Secure Print works

Key Features: 

  • Only authorized users will be able to collect print jobs so you don’t have to worry about your sensitive documents getting into the wrong hands.
  • Users can choose to store print jobs on their desktop or securely in the cloud.
  • Your team will have the ability to print/retrieve their documents on any enabled printer in your fleet (including non-HP devices!).
  • This solution will, without a doubt, help you cut costs, reduce waste, and increase your team’s productivity (we know...this is magic to your ears).


Main Benefits to You and Your Team: 

  • Your team can print from desktops and from their mobile devices. 
  • Driverless printing is available.
  • Anyone on your team can submit their print jobs using SSO (single sign-on) credentials thanks to OpenID Connect technology.
  • The user experience at the MFP is simplified—meaning your team’s productivity will increase substantially.


Insights You Will Finally Be Able to Capture: 

  • Who is printing and what printers are they using?
  • What exactly is being printed and from which applications? 
  • Device volume, service, and operating costs.

By combining insights from fleet and print analytics, you will be able to influence print behaviours better, accurately and securely monitor device usage, and find new ways to reduce costs and waste within your print environment. You can further use these insights to drive key business decisions!

If your company’s security is something that you value and/or if you’re interested in simplifying your IT infrastructure (which you should be), HP’s new cloud-based solution is for you. Contact us today for more information. 

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