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The Most Secure Printers Available

Published By: Eric Johannson | Fri Oct 28, 2022

Despite peoples’ best efforts to curb attacks, cybercriminals are holding tons of data hostage. Across Canada alone, businesses have experienced several attacks. In 2020, cybercrime “cost Canadians $6.4 billion in ransoms and lost productivity” (Financial Post).

How do those tricky cybercriminals keep slipping through the cracks? 

One possibility is your printer.

Printers are a real threat to your team’s security, with “over two thirds (68%) of organizations having experienced data losses due to unsecure [sicprinting practices” (Quocirca). This is unsurprising when you consider HP’s shocking discovery that only about 51% of businesses they assessed had a formal print-security policy (HP).

To better protect your team, you should know what threats are out there and how to secure your printer.


Printers: The Dangerous Gateway to Your Data

With remote work on the rise, teams are now dispersed across towns or even provinces. Every member is still connected throughout the workday by their phones, laptops, tablets, and yes…even their printers!

Computer with a data breach alert pop-upMany of these devices will connect back to a central hub. The main office, where your team is technically “stationed,” is where most of your collaboration will take place. Though your team may be spread out from in-office to home offices, you’re still going to be communicating back-and-forth with people at the main office.

Team members can use their printers to scan, cloud print, or even fax documents from one office to the next. While this is an excellent means to collaborate, it does create risk. With all team members’ devices being connected, if one file or device is corrupted, then all are in danger.

If you believe that your team is super careful and knowledgeable about cybersecurity, think again!

Hijacked Printers Are Proof of Danger

The team over at CyberNews ran an experiment where they hijacked printers to prove how vulnerable people were to a cyberattack. 

CyberNews found approximately 500,000 available printers to target, and chose to send PDFs to print to around 28,000 printers (CyberNews).

Most print devices will come with basic security features, but even then––sometimes they’re disabled. This means unless your team is actively checking your printer’s settings, you’re likely leaving yourself open to an attack.

If your printer is attacked, it will be challenging to fix the problem. Corrupted software will need to be removed and the proper one reinstalled. You’ll need to check all devices connected to the printer to make sure they aren’t infected. This process can be extremely time-consuming, since there will be numerous devices connected in and out of the office. 

All the while, your information could have already been stolen by a cybercriminal.

So, how can you protect your printers from being the ticking time-bomb for a cyberattack that they are?

You can consider upgrading to a trusted, more secure device.

HP Printers Are the Most Secure in the Industry 

Protecting your company’s private data means choosing the right devices with the best security features available. When it comes to printer security, there’s one brand that rises above the rest. HP is known for having trusted devices

HP’s team is all too aware of the cyber dangers that lurk around every corner. At the start of the pandemic, through to the present, they sought to educate people about the unknown risks that companies are taking with technology. HP created “The Wolf,” a terrifying personification of a cyberattack. The Wolf goes from device to device, corrupting and stealing data. 

While this reality is frightening, the solution is rather simple. It starts with choosing the right device.

Of all the printers available on the market, HP devices are known for having innovative security. Their technology is built with a specific focus on security, and all the features come pre-installed and ready to go the second you unpack your printer.

Some examples of the features found on every HP printer include:

  • HP Wolf Security
  • HP Sure Start (BIOS Golden Copy)
  • Whitelisting
  • Run Time Intrusion Detection

Each feature works in tandem with the other. HP printers are designed to have
layers of defenses in place, ready to guard your private data at all times. Even at start-up, HP printers will check to make sure it’s safe to use. If there is any hint of corrupt data, or anything lacking HP’s digital signature, then the system will reset and restore the golden copy of your printer’s BIOS.   

Multi-layered levels of defense, like each print security feature mentioned above and your anti-virus software, keep your data better protected. It’s recommended by security experts that you implement the best security practices you can. For those who don’t take the necessary steps to protect their data, it could spell disaster. A cyberattack could be “an extinction-level event” (Financial Post) for a company.

Choosing a secure HP printer right from the get-go could mean saving not only your private information, but also your business. 

Upgrade Your Security With HP’s New Devices

If you’ve been considering upgrading your print device and bettering your security features, now is a great time. HP has released their new line of MFPs, which have brand new features that will keep your printer up to date and your data safe. 

HP’s E700 and E800 MFP LaserJet devices have several upgrades, but one notable change is their latest software feature. These devices now come with HP FutureSmart firmware, which allows you to digitally upgrade your printer, ensuring you're always up to date. No matter what the latest threats are, your printer will have the security it needs to protect your business.

Featured HP Devices:

HP’s Color LaserJet Managed MFP E786/ HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E877

  • On-screen digital editing
  • Reverse and Retry Technology
  • EPEAT Gold, Energy Star, and Blue Angel Certified
  • Best security features in the industry, such as: HP Sure Start, Memory Shield, active system monitoring, Connection Inspector, and Whitelisting

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