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Upgrade Your New HP E700 and E800 Devices with a Virtual Speed License Skip to main content


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Upgrade Your New HP E700 and E800 Devices with a Virtual Speed License

Published By: Eric Johannson | Wed May 31, 2023

HP’s latest LaserJet Managed MFPs have all the perks of modern technology that your team is looking for. From their sleek design to their cloud connectivity, these devices are suitable for almost any office. But the one thing that makes them stand out above the rest is their adaptability. As your workplace evolves, so too will your technological needs. This needs to be top-of-mind as you perform your research before buying a new device. 

Common questions you’re likely to have could include:

  •   How long will this device last?
  •   Will it meet all the needs of our team? What if we grow?
  •   Will it boost our productivity?

A main feature that you’re likely looking at when shopping for a new printer will be the device’s speed. Optimal paper output is what will keep your team working cohesively and effectively, but not all printers are built for speed. Luckily, there are options available now that will consistently support your team as it grows and as your paper output needs change. The HP LaserJet Managed MFP E700 and E800 series both come with digital upgrades that will boost the speed of your print as you require it.

For example, your team can now upgrade a 40 page per minute colour copier to reach speeds of 50, 60, or even 70 pages per minute. This is all through a license upgrade with no physical changes necessary to your copier. The speed licenses help you right-size your fleet to reduce costs.

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You won’t need to worry about the flow of your print bogging down your processes any longer. The latest HP LaserJet Managed MFP models are ready to support teams for many years to come with their virtual speed licenses.

What is a Virtual Speed License? 

Newer HP models are now compatible with virtual licenses that improve printer speeds. These licenses can be registered with your new printer or used to upgrade a compatible printer that you already own. By using one of the redemption codes, you can register the virtual printer speed license.

HP New E700 and E800 LaserJet Managed MFPs

Without registering one of these licenses, your E700 or E800 printer will operate based on the existing default engine speeds. While the devices can support less substantial print needs, you’ll no doubt want to upgrade your print speeds so that you can reach your truest productivity potential. The virtual licenses can be registered as you need them. This flexibility is especially helpful for teams that are slowly in the process of
expanding their business or adding new members to their organization. 

How to Redeem a Virtual Speed License

Upgrading your newest HP LaserJet Managed MFP has never been easier. Your team can continue to rely on your trusted device for longer with these virtual licenses. As your business grows and your print needs evolve, you can easily upgrade your printer’s speed to better match your paper demands.

When your team is ready for a speed boost on your printer, you can order a speed license for your device. Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email that includes your new redemption code. This is a one-time use speed license that you can use for your select device. Using your printer’s control panel, Embedded Web Server, or HP Web Jetadmin, you will be able to register your new license.

How HP’s New Virtual Speed License Will Benefit Your Team

Having quicker printing speeds benefits everyone on your team! Depending on the field you’re working in, it’s possible that your team relies on their physical documents to complete critical tasks. You could also have adopted a new hybrid work model, meaning your team is spread out between your main office building and several home offices. Superior print speeds will serve to better your entire team’s productivity and keep you all connected. 

Woman making photocopies at the office

Everything from crucial reports, shipping labels, account invoices, and memos are sent off to your printer daily. Your whole team uses your office’s printers to pass important documents back and forth and ensure that you’re meeting your clients’ needs. If you have a slow system, everything will get bogged down once it reaches the print phase. This can set your team back and you’ll lose valuable time out of your day. Nothing is worse than getting so close to finishing an important task only to have a technological hiccup impact your bottom-line.

To keep your team from experiencing unwanted setbacks in their schedules, it’s important to equip your office with devices that can support you in every way. The HP E700 and E800 series take support one step further by offering upgrades to your speed as you need it.

Your team can set up your device with the exact speed functionalities that you need, and there’s even room for further upgrades in the future should you require them.

Businesses are constantly evolving. You could be welcoming new clients to the fold or inviting new members to your team. Whatever the change, it’s important that your print devices will keep up the circulation of your office’s productivity. Advance your team further into the future of print as you need it with the new HP LaserJet Managed MFPs’ latest features. Work smarter with these intuitive devices and never fall behind on your print again.

Looking to upgrade your team’s print speeds? Reach out today to learn more about HP’s new devices and their virtual speed licenses.

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